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Our Trials are a commitment to Your Success

At Nielsen Seeds, we take our responsibility to you the grower, very seriously. We want to provide you with not only the best possible seed, but more importantly the varieties of seed we know will do well in our region and on your farm.

In 2015, we made the decision to explore small replicated trials instead of large strip trials with the idea of utilizing a 3rd party Research Company to plant and harvest these trials for us. Over the years, this nimble approach has allowed us to test new varieties every year, bringing real data to you, the grower and thereby reducing your risk.

We also expanded our seed testing to include silage corn, grain corn and various new starter fertilizers and additives. Conducting these trials, permits us to not only provide meaningful and valuable information to you on a timely basis, but allows us to test products before they are commercially available on a large scale, thereby putting you ahead of the curve.


We take pride in our trials and are always open to new ideas, so please, if you have any suggestions let us know.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend our tours and thank you to all the suppliers for your continued work and support!


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Featured Article: Empire Advance

“Sometimes its just nice to get someone out to the field who is used to looking at the crop to reassure you, you are doing things right, especially if you are a little green with growing the crop. Right through harvest we like to make sure everything goes well. The odd time it doesn’t go so well and we’ve got to dig into that and find out why.”

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